Saturday, November 3, 2012

I Am Thankful For.... My Animals

I have had the honor of having animals in the home since I was a young child. It was a wonderful lesson for me as a child; to learn how to care for your pets and take responsibility for them. However, the reward was far greater than the care that was provide to them. 

Pets have the ability to teach us unconditional love. 

I specifically remember as a child, when I was upset, my cat would always be there to lick away my tears and cuddle with me.

Animals also provide us with entertainment. They are quite the pranksters!

And when I got my first dog (Bammer above) I finally realized how it felt to be someone's entire world. 

I am posting things I am thankful for each day of this month. I hope you will join me.

With unconditional love....

Misguided Maiden

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