Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tonkatsu = Delicious

Ever heard of Tonkatsu? Its a breaded pork dish that is one of the more home-style Japanese meals out there. My husband loves it and with a little advanced prep it can be easy to make. This includes the sauce. 

Look at that yummy meal! Oh I am salivating....

So we start with boneless pork chops, cutting them nice and thin. Then we sprinkle them with a little salt and pepper.

Then you take your panko. A special bread crumb that is more coarse and makes for a crispier coat to your pork.

Coat your sliced pork with flour, dip in egg and them coat with the panko. Set aside till each are ready to fry.

Then lightly fry in oil over the stove until they are golden brown. 
For those who want to make large batches for future dinners you would only cook to set and the set aside to cool. Then flash freeze for future baking.

Then you would pop them into a 350 degree oven, frozen and cook until golden brown. 

If you are just frying some for a meal and not freezing, when you are done, set aside on a napkin lined cookie sheet in a 200 degree oven while you make the sauce.

Now the sauce is what really makes this dish. You can buy it at the store, or you can make it from simple ingredients that you might likely already have in your home!

Tonkatsu Sauce

3 Tbs - Worcestershire Sauce
2 Tbs - Ketchup
1 tsp - Soy sauce
6 Tbs - Natural Applesauce (no sugar added)

The secret is indeed the applesauce. YUM.

This sauce will store in the fridge for a week. Drizzle it over you meal for a tasty contrast.

Its also a meal the little ones will love too! I hope you try it out. Everyone could use a home cooked Japanese meal in their recipe archive!

Buen Provecho!

~ Misguided Maiden

Thursday, May 2, 2013


My husband and I LOVE to read. 
So when I see our little guy taking on the same habit it makes my heart melt.

Getting lost in a book is the best way to stir the imagination. 
I can see my son's dialogue changing, his comprehension of things growing and his imagination blossoming. 

I hope you take time to get lost in a book this week.

~Misguided Maiden

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Out in Nature: Setting up our fort

With this beautiful weather It was time to take our fort outside for a snack and some fun!

Of course our toy car had to come out with us... Specifically Lighting McQueen.

And we needed out cute and furry body guard.

Lastly, a lady bug surprise made this outing the best part of his day (he loves lady bugs).

I hope you get the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors this week!

~ Misguided Maiden