Friday, November 4, 2011

Adapting in Nature

My husband discovered this interesting Inch worm on our property to other day. It looks just like the branches on our willow trees. I love to see how natures adapts to get away from preadators. This little guy is trying to keep away from the birds beaks. LOVE.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Adventures on the Ranch: Chickens


How did we come about a dozen (and soon to be more) free chickens? Well it is complicated...

The first two were given to me by a co-worker who needed to find them a home because the family pet factor was wearing down on his kids. I was happy to have them. They escaped their cage on the first day and let me tell you something. IT IS HARD TO CATCH A CHICKEN THAT HAS ACRES TO RUN FROM YOU ON! My thighs are burning just thinking about it!

The next 10 were from some lovely friends who were moving out of state. Very soon we will add two more to our brood. They really are fun.

Lady hens are all about the DRAMA! They fight each other, hurt each other, chase each other and gang up on each other. I mean lady hens are MEAN! But for the most part they dwell together in peace. Especially when there is plenty of food to share.

Here are a few pics of what we have been working on to house them. it is an ongoing project and something I am having fun doing when time permits. The eggs are delicious and we are swimming in them right now if anyone is interested!

My lovely husband finishing the door for the run. I Love my man.

Some sturdy fencing. and a pre-made home off of craigslist. just needs a bit of spit shine and it will look fab soon.

Mary Jane drinking from the smallest water holder...SIGH...

We decided to place the hens by one of our willow trees near the walnut orchard. this give them shade on hot days and a bit of greenery.
 I will post pics of the chickens soon and a few more of the coop as we improve upon it. This is an ongoing project that I look forward to. :-)

Fall for the Front Door

Fall Leaves! I love seeing pictures of leaves falling in Autumn. All the beautiful hues of red, yellow, brown and orange remind me of my adventures as a child growing up. Unfortunately we don't experience much of that in California so I have tried to recreate its magic on my front door. This project cost me about two dollars since I shared materials with my fall centerpiece.

Go to the Dollar tree and pick up these beautiful leaves in a variety of colors.

Start with two leaves and hook them together. This is where you will cascade from.

Add the leaves as you go along to the top of each stem as you can see in the two above pictures.

Keep going till you have enough leaves to satisfy your tastes.

Hang them up and enjoy! Here you can see I changed ideas early on in the project. They way I described above gets you a better effect as you can see in the mid to lower portion. Now I think I need a fall wreath and I will be good to go!

Fall Centerpiece

Fall has been lingering through the ranch and I finally have a dining room table to decorate for the season! So what did I do after I put the table together? Made a fall festive centerpiece for three dollars!

Head on over to your local dollar tree and pick up some fall leaves! I picked up a few colors for two projects.

Pick up a bunch of branches from your back yard and wrap the wire end around the branches at various places.

  And BAM! You got yourself some fall colors indoors!

If you have any leftover, curl up the ends and put them on either side of the vase. You honestly can not have enough color!

Happy Belated Halloween!

Lately it seems as though things just fly by. Time is so limited with hefty schedules and preferring time with my son and husband over anything else. Therefore, this is a late post but I thought I would still share.
This year was my sons first Halloween and I have always wanted to make my kids costumes if I ever had any. This was my first go and I was very happy with the results.
Since we bear the last name KNIGHT my son was THE DARK KNIGHT...BATMAN!

 Every super hero needs a "super" pose!

 This cape was a super easy no sew cape! perfect for future play times! I will post a tutorial soon.
The hood had minimal sewing too and is really easy for those who are beginners.

I had the most fun with the utility belt. It has a satchel, the rappel and ninja stars! All felt of course!

I hope you all had a fabulous Halloween!!!