Introducing in no particular order:
Bullfrog Knight Age: 11
Weight: 19 lbs (and on a diet to lose more, doctors orders)
Bammer Knight Age: 10 Weight: fluctuates between 85 and 90 lbs (probably 5 lbs of hair though)

Mary Jane Knight Age: 9 Weight: fluctuates between 6 and 8 lbs. Shes our little fighter.
  Charlie Knight Age: 12 Weight: 16-17 lbs. Our territorial cat
  Sean and Lissette Knight Ages: 32 and 30 Married: October 1, 2005


David A. Knight
Age:One Year

So here is the Knight Family; or should I say the night zoo!

*Not shown: our ball python and our little homeless kitty that was abandoned through a neighboring foreclosure. I will post pictures soon. Our python has the head the size of a bottle cap and is in a locked cage in a separate room from the baby, just in case there are any dissenters out there!