Sunday, March 25, 2012

Salsa Sunday: Pico De Gallo Con Queso

This salsa is a bit similar to the Pico De Gallo Con Aguacate except for one glorious switch of ingredients. What switch is that you ask? Well...just a simple substitution. Instead of avocado...try Monterey Jack Cheese. Yes...cheese. It is simply to die for.

My fondest memory of this salsa would be coming home from track practice when I was still in high-school. My mom would have a big heaping bowl of this waiting with a stack of warm corm tortillas. Let me tell you...this salsa on anything is GOOD...but in a warm corn tortilla? MAGIC.

So without further or due...


Onion (red or white)
Monterey Jack Cheese, Small Cubes
Juice from lime
Salt to taste
*If you need amounts, refer to this salsa*

Just for general purposes, here is how I dice my tomatoes. After a while you can get pretty fast. Especially if you eat alot of me!

Oh...I am SO excited that tomato season is almost here!

Now for the cheese. Cut to this approximate thickness.

Then cut those into matchsticks and then into little cubes. Very small cubes work best. If the cubes of cheese are too big then the salsa will not taste right. See that cube above the "g" in the watermark? Yeah that small.

Get all those ingredients together, squeeze that lime juice, and stir. Then add salt to taste.

So try this salsa out. You may end up loving it as much as I do. Go ahead...make a memory out of it.

                                   Buen Provecho!

~ Misguided Maiden

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Salsa Sunday: Strawberry Salsa

Ok...So I know it is not Sunday anymore, but I can't miss this post. Salsa Tuesday anyone? I could have salsa everyday! So here it is...better late than never! I guess I will write it as if I was writing it this last Sunday. That should be fun...


Hey all...have I ever mentioned that I HATE teething? well I do. especially when there are more than two teeth coming in at once. I understand that baby's can't quite self soothe yet and I am all for providing comfort to my little one...but I still hate teething. Oh well. I am just scraping this post in today and I am glad that I get to share this weeks salsa experiment with you!

Strawberry season is in its early stages here in California, and this tasty fruit was selling for $1.99 for two baskets! tSo... I could not pass up the opportunity to do two things: One was make and eat chocolate dipped strawberries (eaten too fast for a picture mind you!) and two is to make some strawberry salsa...

Strawberry salsa you say? Yes...Strawberry salsa.

Strawberry Salsa

2 baskets of sstrawberries, washed and diced
1/4-1/2 of a red onion, diced
1/2 a bunch of cilantro, washed a diced
1 juice of lime
Salt to taste
Optional: 1-3 tablespoons of Blood Orange infused olive oil instread of lime

So this was an experiment. I have heard of this salsa being made but I had to know for sure...

How would it turn out. What could you eat it with?

It is worthy enough to eat with a spoon? The answer to this question was a obvious YES!

After adding the limes I decided that I loved it but I wanted to experiment more. Could I add more than just lime?

The answer was yes I could! I substituted the lime for this little secret weapon and it took the salsa to a different level. Both versions are equally good. This one was good on pork, the lime version on fish.

I also wanted to point out the salt I generally use. This pink baby is nice a mild and adds to the taste instead of overwhelming it with saltiness.

Once you have chopped all your ingredients and have debated over the lime or snooty olive oil options, you add salt to your liking and mix that baby up to eat!

Here it is over Sunday dinner. This was fabulous!

                                            Buen Provecho!
 ~ Misguided Maiden

Friday, March 16, 2012

My first Feature!

I am excited to say that my ABC wall is being featured on another blog! I am super jazzed about this! Thank you Shannon for liking my work. You can find the feature here:

I have been creating lots of new things at home and look forward to posting some new tutorials, recipes and ideas up soon! Sometimes working full time puts a damper on my creative needs; but you take the time that you can get (and mine is after baby boys bedtime)!

                                      Love to you all!
                                                  ~Misguided Maiden

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Salsa Sunday: Guacamole!

Ole! Time for some tasty guacamole! This is not your restaurant variety...we put stuff in our guacamole around here. No fancy or expensive tools needed either...if you have a fork (or your bare hands) then you can make this tasty treat.


Two Avocadoes
One Lime
1/4 Red Onion, chopped
1/4 to 1/2 of a jalapeno, diced (none if you don't like spicy guac)
1/2 a bunch of Cilantro, chopped
Salt to taste

Remember to always to save the pit. You will see later...

Now cut those babies up and pile that into your bowl!


Use your fork to quickly mash up your avocado chunks. You don't need a perfectly smooth blend here...that is not what this salsa is all about. Its about getting it in your belly as fast as you can.

 look at that...just right. and my wrist is a bit stronger too!

Next add all the ingredients to your bowl and squeeze that lime juice in.

Then add your pit back in. This keeps your avocado fresh and green. Ya see...the avocado likes to be next to its mama. Disregard the seed if you are able to eat this in 30 minutes. Like me!

                                                                                        Buen Provecho!
~ Misguided Maiden

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Salsa Sunday: Mango Salsa

Sorry for the late post folks. We had a fussy baby here on the home front. I did not want to miss today's post because this is one of my favorite salsas.


3-Semi-ripe mango's (see color above...if you get this mix and it is not squishy you will get a tasty mango)

1 bunch of cilantro

The juice of one lime

1/2 of a red onion

Salt to taste

Optional items: Jalapeno for spice, red bell pepper for variation, sugar if you happen to get sour mango's.

Now this recipe rests entirely on the mango. You want to get as much meat off this baby as you can. Cut into quarters and peel off the skin.

Then cut through into a grid like you see above.

Then cut off all that you can; making sure that you do not cut too close the seed. The mango is more fibrous there. Look at all that loveliness!

Once you have all your ingredients chopped, dump them into your bowl, add lime juice and salt to taste.

Stir up your salsa real well and taste. You want the sweetness of the mango, the mild spice of the cilantro and the bite of the red onion. If you happen to not be lucky with your mango's, add a little sugar and extra lime to get a little more sweet into your salsa.

And try to leave some for your grilled chicken or fish meal that evening. This is also fabulous over black beans and white rice. Can also be eaten with the classic tortilla chip or with a large spoon. yum.

Buen Provecho!
~ Misguided Maiden