Thursday, November 22, 2012

I Am Thankful For... Journals

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Today will be hectic, but fun. I will post pictures soon when we journey back to our home. In the meantime I can write the memories down. Today I am thankful for...


I can't remember when I started writing in a journal. I believe I was six years old and I was given my first little journal with a lock on it and I wrote little stories about my rock friends and planting seeds in the garden with my mom.

I don't write as often as I did in my teen years but I do get down some important events on paper. Mostly these days I write letters to my son, so that someday he may get a little insight on his mother. Maybe, after he reads them I will be admitted into psychiatric care.

It is such a gift to look back on the things I have written down. Often times I shake my head and laugh; but I enjoy remembering how I felt as a youth. The vunerability, the humdrum of the day and the great stories I never want to forget. A journal is a treasure. 

It is never to late to put pen or pencil to paper. Save a little history for your ancestors. Or at least save a few funny stories for laughs when you get at then end of life.

Misguided Maiden

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