Sunday, April 22, 2012

Salsa Sunday: Breakfast Salsa

Hey all!

So I just realized that I completely forgot last weeks Salsa Sunday Post! How DARE I!!! Sorry about that...time can get away from me sometimes. So this Sunday I will have two posts for you. Lets start out with the salsa I made the family for breakfast this morning. It is FRESH, simple and quick to make...all my favorite things when I am still trying to wake up in the morning.


1.5 cups of Tomato cut in large pieces.
1/2 cup of cilantro diced
1/4 cup of diced red onion
salt and lime to taste (I used garlic salt)
Optional: Diced jalapeno if you need some spice
Tools: Blender, hand mixer or food processor, strainer

Here I am using Roma tomatoes, but any tomato will do.

Place in your blender and.

Pulse till you get it chopped up but not pureed.

Strain out some of the liquid.

Now your fresh tomatoes are ready to go!

Dice up that cilantro. Oh the kitchen smells good!

And dice up that red onion...

Mix it together and add your lime and salt to taste and you are ready to put it on these babies...

Breakfast soft tacos? Yes please! YUM! Obviously this salsa can be used on other meals as well. It is a great salsa; and when tomato season starts your going to need all the recipes you can get your hands on!

              Buen Provecho!
~Misguided Maiden

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