Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter: simple dEGGoration

Easter is only days away and with all that is going on with work, wife and mommy duties things have been a bit tight as far as time goes for me. Besides my husband & son (and work obligations) everything else can honestly wait. However, that does not mean I can't squeeze in a few moments of simple creativity here and there. I mean...a mom has to have a least a few minutes to enjoy things ya enjoy!

That is why I love projects like this. It is simple (really a 10 minute project...if that), makes something pretty, and its the kind of work that you can just tune out for a few minutes (even the brain needs a break...).

So I must admit, I have not purchased plastic Easter eggs for years. When did they come with the holes? This takes care of the venting issues of the past i guess...

So with the holes came my simple idea which has probably been thought of already, but hey...I'm a mom behind the times here!

You take your fancy ribbon from the dollar barrel. And...

Viola! You have something!

Hang it around the house, or in my case on my dried walnut tree branches in the fancy vase. We got alot of these branches...yeah...

Add some extra bows, because everything can use an extra bow or two!

10 minutes (or less) later you have a simple Easter decoration for the dining table and you've shut off that brain for a few moments. WIN WIN!!!

                                    Happy Hopping!
~ Misguided Maiden

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