Sunday, April 29, 2012

Salsa Sunday: All About Blackberries

A few weeks back my husband and I planted loads of blackberry plants. Hopefully next year we will have alot of this...

And hopefully I wont use all of it to make this fabulous (and easy) salsa!

Blackberries are a beautiful berry. I did not want to make the error of paring it with something that would not be complimentary to it. So after thinking about the salsa basic ingredients there were only three things that I knew would compliment the blackberries for this salsa. So here it is ladies and gents...

Blackberry and Avocado Salsa

One large packet of blackberries, washed a diced in halves or thirds 
one large avocado, diced
1/2 a bunch of cilantro, washed and diced. Leaves and stems.
1-1/2 juice from lime
1 tablespoon of sugar
dash of salt

So after making this salsa, I would recommend starting out by cutting the blackberries in half on in thirds. That way the berry is a bit smaller for overall ease of eating the salsa. However, it is just as good with whole berries so if you are strapped for time, just skip the cutting.

You start by adding your salt and sugar to the berries. This is to draw the natural juices from the berry, which will add to the overall flavor of the salsa and sweeten up the few tart berries you may have in the mix.

Now try really hard to not add whipped cream to this and eat it right then and there!

While those berries are sitting in sugary goodness, turn your attention to dicing up the avocado and cilantro. All I had were these mini avocados; so I used three minis instead of one large. Can you believe that there was a time when my son would only eat these avocados? We had loads of these around! Good thing we live in California!

Oh and don't forget the lime. To think...I use so much lime I really should plant a few trees.

 Then add all your ingredients to your bowl. As you can see this is a simple salsa combination we have here. We have the sweet berries, the nutty and smooth avocado and the cilantro to add some mild spice. No onion here! It would be too much of an overpowering flavor and we are looking for a complimentary salsa, not a confusing mess. I guess you could add jalapeno...but I also feel that the heavy spice would take away from this delightful combination.

Then you stir it up...see how those juices combine to make this salsa a beauty!

And seriously try not to eat this in two seconds...It was so good. Before we knew it the salsa had disappeared and I was still hungry for more!

Hopefully another salsa to add you your list. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making and eating it!

                                   Buen Provecho!
~ Misguided Maiden

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