Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

So this year's Easter was low key. I LOVED IT! Just me, my hubby, David and our brood of animals. After church (which we left early due to our poor teething boy) we came home, finished our half-prepared dinner from the night before and relaxed and played with David.

One of the unexpected items of the day came early in the morning...David and I were up and hanging out while Daddy got a little extra shut-eye. When BAM! A little bird hit the kitchen window. I quickly went outside to see if the little bird was OK or dead...well he was OK (whew!) but pretty shaken up and in need of some care.

So I woke up my hubby and had him watch David while I blanketed the little bird to calm it down (wish I got pictures of this....stinking hindsight). Then after a few minutes I picked up the little bird and perched it on my finger, allowing it to catch it breath. I inspected the wings and tail and found everything to be in good order.

As the little bird was perched on my finger David got a close-up of his current favorite thing...BIRDS. Of course this was on the other side of a sliding-glass window. This safety measure was for the bird of course.

After awhile, the little bird flew off and allowed me to get a snap-shot or two of it (as payment I'm sure) before he rejoined its friends with one tall tale to tell them!

So I hope your Easter had a little adventure it as well as ours. Between the bird and wrestling kitties we certainly had some adventure here!

                               Happy Wrestling!
~ Misguided Maiden

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