Friday, April 20, 2012

I Can Count To Ten - 123 Art Wall Tutorial

Hey All...

Its been quite a week! Between work and two nights of evening public meetings I have had no time to post on the blog. When things get busy with work all my extra time goes straight to my boys (Hubby and David) and home obligations (tending to animals and general items on the ranch).

Now that I have some of my work items out of the way, as well as taxes (ugh...), I can happily get back to a little me time. So with that I was finally able to finish the second piece of artwork/educational tool for my sons room.

The first piece of artwork was the ABC Wall and it was a whole lot of fun. But I have to say...this one was just as fun and I got to paint with some color! What did I pursue you ask?

Since David is happily learning his ABC's everyday I wanted to add his 123's in the here we go!

1 2 3 Wall

First you need your supplies:

Watercolor or Bristol Paper
Your choice of paint & colors
Brushes of varying sizes
3M Command Fasteners
10 Matching Frames
Your Numbers (Font Type and Size) you will be using

This is the color palette I went for...something bright like the frames on the ABC Wall. I also wanted to put some focus on complimentary colors.

To get the correct size of paper for each frame I used a piece of the glass from within a frame and traced out ten pieces and cut them out.

Then I used the frames to set the perimeter so I knew what was not going to show. Then I drew out the numbers lightly with a pencil. You can also place print behind the paper and trace in a bright window.

Then you get to painting. At some point I thought I had the great idea of just painting the background color completely over the number. Yeah....that only worked for the numbers with yellow backgrounds. The others...not so much. So my advice would be this: If your background is darker then yellow, paint around the numbers and keep them white!

After a few coats these numbers really POP! Now its time to hang up these beauties!

Here is the wall. I want the 123 artwork to be very structured and grid-like vs. the ABC artwork which is more chaotic. I brightened up the picture above and below...because it was a bit dark at the time these pics were taken.

So here it is on the wall. Very clean and streamlined but with amazingly bright colors!

Now lets learn to count to Ten!

The first time David saw this he wanted me to count the numbers over and over again!

Now on to the next piece! I hope you are inspired to create! This was a immensely fun project and the end results were very rewarding for this mama.

                                     Much Love,

~ Misguided Maiden

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  1. Love this project! So bright and fun and colorful ... and educational!