Friday, January 27, 2012

Roasted Chile Salsa

So I am a spicy girl. I like a little spice in my food. Not necessarily HOT but spices are an excellent way to liven up a meal (and they pack a whole lotta vitamin C). Don't get me wrong...I can handle and I LOVE the heat, but not everyone does so I try to accommodate for that in my cooking.

But not in this recipe.

This is a roasted chile salsa...if eaten with chips alone it will pack quite a punch! However, if eaten with say a breakfast burrito...spicy magic.

This is our Chile Directory...These are the chiles that will be used in the salsa. This is how much you need to get the party started. the hottest pepper here is the serrano and following in in order to the most mild is the Poblano chile. The smaller the pepper the bigger the punch! If you wanted to make a more milder roasted salsa use two Aneheims and two Poblanos. or mix it up! This is a very forgiving recipe. LOVE THOSE!

 You will also need your tomato base. The old family traditional way would be to roast your onion and fresh tomatoes and blend that into the mixture...but...I am a girl with little time on my hands so this is the "college" way (still used today). Believe me it is just as good.

 So here is all your ingredients (One chile hiding behind the mighty Poblano).

 Place your pepper on some aluminum foil

 Roast or broil them in the oven for about 10 minutes or until the look like...


 Then take to tops off and throw them into the blender.

 Pour your entire can of tomato blend into the blender.

And blend on a medium setting until it is the consistency you like. Then can to preserve for later in the fridge for one week. Believe me it will go by fast.

Buen Provecho!
Misguided Maiden

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