Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ABC Wall: Part Two. Whats in a Name?

Concept? Check.
Frames? Check.
Color Palette? Check.

Layout and Names? No.

So It took some thought on how I wanted to do the actual artwork that went into each frame. Was I going to do the generic ABC's or would I attempt something more complicated. The idea winner in this case came from the rug in the room:

You can see how most of the shapes are silhouette so I went this this idea. I would do black and white silhouettes of an animal that would represent each letter and put the name of the animal within the picture as well, making the first letter a wee bigger than the rest of the letters. I liked the idea of black and white because it would play off well with the bright frames and it would be an easy contrast for my son to focus in on from any distance.

Now comes the fun part. Matching names of animals to each letter. This is where your significant other comes greatly into play. I employed my spouse into helping me figure out all the animals. This was a fun little activity to do together and it got him involved in the process and excited about the project (which is always good...especially when you are grumpy the next day staying up late working on said project. they always seem to understand better and are more "sympathetic").

So here is the list:
A- Alligator
B- Buffalo
C-Chicken (it was cat but we have*
D-Deer (it was dog but we have deer
F- Flamingo
G- Giraffe
H- Horse
I- Iguana*
J- Jaguar
K- Kangaroo
L- Lion
M- Mouse*
N- Nightingale
O- Owl
P- Porcupine
Q- Quail
R- Rabbit
S- Squirrel
T- Turtle*
U- Ursa (Bear)
V- Vulture
W- Wolf
X- X-Ray Fish*
Y- Yak
Z- Zebra
*Are those in the teeny tiny frames.

Then you find free silhouettes. Like this:

And cool fonts like this:


Till next time!
-Misguided Maiden

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