Monday, January 23, 2012

ABC Wall: Part Three. Time to Work!

Rainy days lead to entertaining indoors and focusing on cleaning and organizing (which is good) and less on moving forward on projects or blogging. We desperately need the rain though; and I want to see the green hills again (some would be right outside my door)! Well with a short break in the weather I was able to paint my 26 frames with the fabulous colors I showed you in a previous post.

 I had some large boxes from some furniture I purchased which made for good spray table tops!

 First you want to prime those frames up!

 Then separate the frames based on the color you will be spraying them and Spray Spray Spray!

Look at those bright vibrant colors! I am getting so excited! Then because I wanted a weathered finish I left them outside overnight to dry. With the morning mist it gave them a nice look (will have to post a close up later).

Random Picture:
 And here is my cat bullfrog who was watching my work. Supervising can be tough. Especially for a cat.

Next is figuring out the layout and of course making your animal artwork! More to come.

~Misguided Maiden


  1. I LOVE it!! I think if you lived here ( or I there) I would have you designing my new studio!!

    1. Oh I would love to do some props or backgrounds for you if you let me!!!