Tuesday, January 17, 2012

ABC Wall: Part One

I know that there are many fabulous moms out there who have their babies rooms all decorated and ready for their arrival. I applaud you mommies...really I do because I am soooo not that mommy. I wanted to be...truly I did and I was all ready to do just that. Just before David was born I was taking two weeks off before the DUE DATE and I was going to do all my Christmas shopping and finish decorating the baby room and putting things together. Then...David decided he did not want to come home to a perfectly decorated home but to CHAOS. Sigh...

Thanks to moms and dads who put together furniture we had a somewhat functional nursery. Then we moved and after most of the unpacking (we are still doing this) we still had a semi functional baby room. Now flash forward...my baby is one year old and I am almost there!

For me inspiration comes in waves. I have to let things sit for a few days and let them stew before the "light bulb" hits. This is what happened for my sons room and deciding what type of artwork I wanted to make for the room. I had two criteria: educational and fun.

Here are some of the few things in the room that drew my inspiration:

 Is this wall not begging to be used? A blank wall can bring you endless possibilities. Staring at this wall for several months got me to thinking about something large enough that could be featured there. All those late night feedings led me to the concept of an ABC inspired art piece.

 This is an image of the main piece or furniture in the room. It has 9 drawers and fits about everything. It is a remake that my father did for us. I could not do it at the time because I was pregnant but I did pick the color and hardware. I wanted something he could grow into or that I could use later.

 One of my current favorite items in the room is this rug. It is colorful and whimsical. I can just see David calling out the names of the fruits and animals in the near future. You can also see the light color flooring we have in our home.

 So with an ABC art wall I wanted something that would sort of go with the carpet but still stand out as a feature piece. During a thrift store visit with my little brother the concept of using different frames to feature each letter sounded very fun. So three thrift store visits later I scrounged up all the 25 to 75 cent frames I could buy.

Then came the colors. I wanted the colors to be bright and fun but still sort of go with the carpet colors. These are the pretty ladies I picked up from the hardware store.

What will come of all these items? Its hard to say at the moment but I believe part two will be posted before you know it!

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