Thursday, January 19, 2012

Recycle: Bags with logos a Valentines Day Edition

After all that Christmas shopping most of us are left with numerous bags that could still be usable but have logos plastered all over them from the various shopping venues. Here is one that I had leftover after picking up some stockings and lip-gloss:

There are logos all over this baby...lets see if we can fix that. With the dark and light pink stripes this bag is screaming to be made into a valentines bag.

 So with some card-stock, scrap felt, permanent marker and the ol' glue gun I was able to come up with something.

 Here are the two little inserts for the inside of the bag...yes there are logos in there too!

 I wanted to come up with a little saying that would mean something to me and would go with the Valentines Day theme of the bag. so I came up with "LOVE is even in the smallest spaces." I liked this because it is all the little things that make me fall in love with someone. Also, have you seen nature? Little pink flowers surviving and thriving in the smallest cracks of concrete?
It takes a lot of love to make miracles like that happen.

I decided to do one side with a lot of decoration and keep the other side plain. maybe because I was tired or maybe because I liked how it shows how love can be simple and love can be complicating.

 Here is where my other logo cover ups went...

Now I have a new lease on this bag to fill with goodies and give to someone on Valentines day!

                                                                                Love ~
Misguided Maiden

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