Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Were Alive!

Well the past two weeks have been a bit rough. It all started with a sick baby (very mild cough and clear runny nose), then a sick husband, then a sicker baby (double eye and double ear infections and pneumonia), a trip to the ICU for baby then a release from the ICU followed immediately by a sick mamma.

I am not a fan of taking pictures of our son when he looks miserable but I did get a video from ICU when he was looking and feeling more like himself again (anyone that has kept a baby entertained while hooked up to a thousand are my heroes).

It was soon as they said David can go home I started to get chills then very sick. Its like I was holding it all together while David and I were camped out in the ICU. My hubby and I were able to keep calm through all of this thanks to many blessings, answers to our prayers, the prayers of others and those who brought over some dinners (this was amazing). It all worked out that I was able to stay home with David till he was 100%.

He has another ear infection but that is something that I can handle. David did get some balloons and treats from some friends and he just loves playing with balloons...and snacking on treats.

Now he is essentially back to normal and so are mom and dad. This mama will be providing a few posts to update on things I have done but have not had the time to post them. I hope you enjoy. Stay healthy all!

~ Misguided Maiden

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