Thursday, February 23, 2012

February Decorations and Crafting

So given that this little family was feeling under the weather I did not get the chance to post my February decorations and Valentines day items that David and I did together. So here are some photos of what we were up to at home.

First, David was sent home with this purple heart to decorate and bring back to daycare.

 We cut out some hearts...alright I cut them out and David played with the paper and chewed on the hearts.

Then we glued the cutouts to the paper and washed our sticky hands.

I cut off the excess...

Then I cut some small piece of yellow construction paper and helped David learn how to squish the paper.

Here you can see he is mastering this skill (with the help of mamma)...but trying o eat the paper is so much more fun!

The I glued it all on and this is what we turned in!

Next, the kids were having a Valentine's exchange at daycare and even though David would not be back to daycare till after Valentines day we still made some. The ones for the kids David's age were filled with these puffs above. Don't they look like hearts?

I got this Idea from Dana at MADE. I did not use her template but I thought the idea was so cute! The bigger kids got M&M's YUM!

Next we wanted to make a special surprize for daddy who went into work while mommy stayed home and took care of David...and herself. So we cut out a bunch of red hearts.

David helped me tape them up on the wall. He LOVED this.

And we left a little message at the end! We still have this up. David loves to point at the hearts and we count them out, and he LOVES to have daddy read the message.

Lastly we had lots of leftover hearts and cutouts so I decorated our vase with twigs to display a little love.

So I hope you enjoyed the pose. We certainly enjoyed decorating and creating.

~ Misguided Maiden

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