Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall for the Front Door

Fall Leaves! I love seeing pictures of leaves falling in Autumn. All the beautiful hues of red, yellow, brown and orange remind me of my adventures as a child growing up. Unfortunately we don't experience much of that in California so I have tried to recreate its magic on my front door. This project cost me about two dollars since I shared materials with my fall centerpiece.

Go to the Dollar tree and pick up these beautiful leaves in a variety of colors.

Start with two leaves and hook them together. This is where you will cascade from.

Add the leaves as you go along to the top of each stem as you can see in the two above pictures.

Keep going till you have enough leaves to satisfy your tastes.

Hang them up and enjoy! Here you can see I changed ideas early on in the project. They way I described above gets you a better effect as you can see in the mid to lower portion. Now I think I need a fall wreath and I will be good to go!

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