Saturday, December 29, 2012

January Garland

To ring in the new year...and because I had the hankering to do something quick and creative I whipped up some festive winter garland to update my wreath for the month of January. This is a simple garland, for a beginner sewer and is similar to my fall garland post.

So I grabbed my felt and found my small star cookie cutter...putting it to a different use.

Once the tracing is done we cut cut cut!!!

To add some color variety I just freehand cut a few dozen circles. They are of various shapes and sizes.

Then feed them through your sewing machine and you get something pretty.

Wrap it around your tree and stick a little ornament snowflake (made my my little crafter) and you have a January wreath!

Happy New Year!

~ Misguided Maiden

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