Monday, May 14, 2012

A Little ME Time: Skirt and Scrub

This last Saturday, while my husband was researching who to vote for state senate in the primaries. I was listening in to his research and having a little "me" creativity time. First up: Finger Knitting. I have been knitting up these vegetable scrubbers:

This is my little mini scrubber and it has already been put to great use scrubbing carrots this morning! I have larger sizes for the dishes and such but this one was just finished so I thought a celebratory picture was in order. If you have not learned the art of finger knitting here is a good video tutorial. This shows just the single strand knitting which is what I used for this idea. This video also inspired the scrubber concept. I will post a tutorial soon once I get the steps more simplified.

I also had the chance to re-fashion a skirt to fit me! Lets just say I am not a size four, but I could not pass up the deal of this skirt and a vintage store. One dollar?!!? yeah we can do something with this...

So here is the skirt before. Super cute but WAY too small (sorry the pics are not so great...night sewing...what are you gonna do).

Here is the skirt after. Not as cute as before but still cute. It is very light and airy and very fun to wear. So for me it is a success. 

I hope there is some more night time sewing in my future. It is just too much fun.

~ Misguided Maiden

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