Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Fun: Happy Halloween!

So we are at then end of October. What a fun month we had! Pumpkin picking, goat feeding, art work, tasty treats and Halloween...

We start the month with a festive door sign done at daycare.

 A visit to the pumpkin patch...look at all that curly hair!
And those teeth!

It was David's first time feeding the goats. 

Mommy made some candy corn cupcakes for our daycare Halloween party. YUM!

And finally...all that sewing led to the cutest little green Jedi....YODA!

The light saber was handed over...

And David showed his daddy how its done.

Those are some sweet moves...

Its hard to imagine how much he has changed from his first Halloween to his second (Batman at 10 months and Yoda at 22 months) That first year he was the Dark Knight. This year, Jedi Knight. With the last name Knight how could I resist?

I hope you all had a lovely and SAFE Halloween!

May the force be with you...

Misguided Maiden

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