Tuesday, July 19, 2011



It makes me so happy to see how far we have come. I mean 100 years ago (maybe more) many people did not make it to 30. Honestly I feel like life has just begun and I am so excited to LIVE IT!

So in celebration of 30 here are 30 things about me:

1. My favorite color is green. Any green!

2. I love math. No seriously I do!

3. When I start reading a book (any book) I HAVE TO FINISH IT. Even if I don't like it.

4. I play the piano (shhhh.).

5. I love to sing

6. I have been painting since I was five years old. My favorite medium is oil but watercolor is surprisingly more forgiving.

7. I love to do silly dress up even though I am...well 30.

8. I have 4 cats, a dog, a snake and now two chickens.

9. I love plants in the house. If it did not drive my husband crazy I would have 20 or more.

10. I secretly want to shave my head. I think it would be fun and quite frankly easy to maintain.

11. Sometimes I stay up to just stare at my sleeping son.

12. I don't like it when people do things without asking.

13. I tend to be a private person.

14. If you tell me something in confidence I wont tell anyone. Not even my husband.

15. I am very sensitive.

16. I don't care if my clothes don't match.

17. I love high heel shoes. The taller the better!

18. I am a Land Use Planner and I Love my job.

19. I have a degree in Design.

20. If I could I would live in another country.

21. I am afraid of spiders.

22. I am allergic to coffee.

23. I do not have a good "poker face" so there is no point in lying.

24. I am addicted to canning and wish I had more time to do it.

25. I dislike sweeping.

26. I love being outdoors.

27. I love being a mom. Which was something I was worried about.

28. Fake people bother me.

29. I share my birthday with a nephew and a niece. By the time they are 20 I will be 46 years old.

30. I love to laugh!

So there is a bit about me. I hope as I start this blog out I can share with you some of the things that I love to do. :-)

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